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voiceofearth's Journal

Voice of EARTH
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Voice of EARTH

Welcome to Voice of EARTH, an LJ community dedicated to the beautiful and talented Chinese-Tibetan J-pop singer, alan. :)

Name: Alan Dawa Dolma (full), alan/阿蘭 (阿兰)/アラン
Date of Birth: July 25, 1987 (22 years old)
Place of Birth: Kangding, Sichuan, China
Blood Type: O
Instruments: erhu, hulusi, piano

・Please be respectful to other fellow members.
・Downloads for alan's releases are not to be shared here. (Embedding, however, is OK. :D) You can find them at jpop_uploads and various other rotation communities.
・But even before that, please support alan by purchasing her music! You can order her music from sites such as Yesasia, Amazon Japan, etc.
・Fanmade works are allowed. :) This can be anything from artwork to a cover of alan's songs.
adddy Join?Profile Codescontact: Feel free to message me, Tiffany (adddy). :D